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Questions' You often ask Us

1.  How fast is it?
With speeds up to 24 mbit/s (million bits per second), you can download graphics; video, audio files, view flash sites, and transmit attachments in record time. Upload speeds up to 1 mbit/s are available. Outback Wireless offers speeds in orders of magnitude faster than a 56K modem!

2.  Is it reliable?
Outback Wireless utilizes fixed wireless technology, so the Internet is always “on” for you. That means no more waiting on the modem to connect and no more busy signals or disconnects. And because you’re not using a phone line to connect to the Internet, you can use your phone as it was intended to be used.

3.  How convenient is it?
With Outback Wireless, you will never have to wait for the phone company to install additional phone lines or the cable company to install coax line. We make our fixed wireless service available to you simply and quickly. Once the order is processed, your equipment will be installed in a matter of days. Delays are usuallay only weather dependant.

4.  Is it affordable? Compared to DSL and Cable, Outback Wireless offers an affordable solution to getting your home or business online with high-speed Internet access. The cost ranges from $35/mo. to $65.00/mo. for services. Call for a quote for large commercial and school services.

5.  How does this method compare to DSL? Wireless is usually much faster than rural DSL, more widely available in rural areas and is less expensive. DSL is limited to the technology in use by the Telephone Co. Wireless speeds range from 6.0 mbit/s (million bits per second) up to 24.0 mbit/s (a T1 is 1.5 mbit/s). DSL services are not currently available or is outdated in many rural areas.

6.  What are the system requirements and what equipment is required? Besides your computer and a network interface (NIC) card you will need an antenna, radio. The antenna and radio is called the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). The CPE is supplied to you at no additional charge

7.  Who does the installation and setup? We have our own professional installers and do not subcontract the installs out. They can professionally install and setup everything for you on your PC or Mac.

8.  How much does the setup cost? The total cost of a basic residential setup is usually below $250.00. The setup fee consists of installation, antenna, radio, cable and lightning protection.

9.  Can I have laptops and desktops connected at the same time? Yes. You would have to purchase a wireless router to connect wirelessly to the laptops. Desktops can be wired directly to the router.

10.  How do I connect to the radio?
This is included in the professional setup provided by Outback Wireless. Your computer is connected to the unit using a standard Ethernet cable that runs between the radio and the NIC card of your computer or a router.

11.  Will there be technical support?
Although the connection is extremely reliable, the answer is…YES! Call us at 406-564-1884.

12.  What happens if I order service and I find out it is not available?
Do not worry. We will do a site survey prior to installation, and if for some reason service is not available, there are no charges to you.

13.  My internet is slow. What is the problem?
Usually slow internet is caused by a problem with the computer. Although other problems may be, the web page you are visiting is slow or maybe your equipment needs to be "power-cycled" by unplugging and re plugging the power to it.

14. Do I have to disconnect my internet when I am finished surfing?
No. Your internet connection is always on. 

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